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The “founder is the loneliest person” and “in the beginning, networking is everything”, these two phrases often come up in connection with founding and building a startup. But how do you find access to people and resources that will take you and your idea further – without having more in your pocket than the potential of your idea and drive to implement it?

With the Open Innovation Cycle, we want to solve exactly this challenge. The Open Innovation Cycle is a program for digital and scalable ideas. The three-month cycle supports you in turning your ideas into validated and marketable value propositions and business models – because the beginning is nothing more than an idea! And best of all, your coaches are all founders themselves.

The program starts in the idea phase and accompanies you over three months until the pre- or seed phase. The Open Innovation Cycle provides you with startup-relevant skills, such as state-of-the-art startup methods, and mentors to develop your project. You will learn to form the crucial hypotheses and how to test them. You’ll gain the know-how to develop your startup quickly and with minimal resources. During the program, we will put you in touch with industry experts who will discuss your project with you.

Nobody is left alone! You use your new skills to advance your project in a group of five other startups. In cycles, you discuss your projects and procedures together and thus tap into the swarm intelligence.

By the end of the cycle, you have an initial company vision, a first marketable business model, and have developed a minimum viable product. At the end, you can present your project to a panel of experts who can provide valuable feedback and contacts for your advancement. Perhaps we will also find the first investors together. With the skills you have learned, you can continue your startup journey well prepared and have the tools for a digital and scalable project at hand.

With our help, you can also prepare for participation in an incubator, accelerator (e.g. ESA BIC) or the Starthaus Coaching Program. We also support you, for example, if you want to prepare the content of your project for EXIST funding. You will receive the EXIST application and the corresponding advice from our cooperation partner BRIDGE .

If you are unsure whether your project already or still fits into the program, simply contact us. Our experience shows that most projects can be supported by our program – regardless of their degree of maturity.

Open Innovation Cycle – This is where startups and innovations are born, shaped and developed successfully!

How is the Open Innovation Cycle structured?

Within 12 weeks you will develop your project together with four other start-up teams (according to SCRUM). You will not only benefit from the knowledge, the network and possible resources of the other teams, but you will also be individually supported in various 1:1 coaching sessions and accompanied on a weekly basis:

Step 1: One-Day Incubator

Participation in the Open Innovation Cycle begins with the One-Day Incubator – currently two exclusive half-day workshops – as a kick-off. Here, your vision, strategy, elevator pitch and business model are put under the microscope. We determine the resources you need to validate your business model. Your first business sketch is created!

Step 2: SCRUM Training

We continue with the SCRUM training. In another half-day workshop, we will show you agile startup methods and you will learn how to apply them to your project.

Step 3: Start the Open Innovation Cycle

Now you are prepared to participate in the Open Innovation Cycle until the end of the 12 weeks. Every three weeks you will meet with the other four start-ups and the coaches. Here you will do an agile work planning, supported by experienced coaches. You will exchange ideas in your Start-up Cycle and thus learn from each other and find the best approach for your success. Through the open exchange in the group, mutual synergies should be made usable and new perspectives on your own approach should be shown.

Step 4: Final Pitch

In the final pitch, we address your specific needs by connecting you with potential pilot customers, mentors, investors or future employees. In this way, we want to make the transition from incubation to acceleration of your idea as smooth as possible.

What are the goals of the Open Innovation Cycle?

  • All coaches are founders
  • Rapid validation and development of business idea and model via MVP design
  • Ensure customer-centric development through integration of network partners
  • Learning and cultivating Lean Startup and agile methods in the daily business
  • Being part of a group, motivating each other, celebrating successes and dealing with setbacks together
  • Optional mutual sharing of network contacts and resources
  • Procurement of interested parties for pilot projects
  • Preparation for investor pitches

Who can participate?

Anyone who …

  • is willing to deal transparently with their idea and their own processes and progress within the group
  • an innovative idea in a scalable business model,
  • as well as time for the participation in the joint sprint every 3 weeks (on Fridays).
  • Has a strong commitment to HBremen and will set up business in HBremen.


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