Please notice that the open pitches are only offered by videocalls. If you are still interested, please contact Kostja Hausdörffer! The further procedure is explained to you.


How to apply for Open Innovation Cycle?

We would like to outline the next steps for an application for the STARTHAUS Open Innovation Cycle. Both solopreneure and teams are welcome.
Detailed Information regarding the program you will find here: Open Innovation Cycle | Starthaus.

If your want to join, please check if you can agreed to the requirements as stated below:
a. Me or the majority of my team cannot regularly participate every 3 weeks on fridays between 1pm and 6pm (Uff, really? Yes, we want to produce the best output for all participants and the exchange is one of the pillars of the program. To meet these goals it is necessary)
b. Me or my team do not want to share our thoughts, progress and steps we take (Sorry, no entry! Open exchange and knowledge transfer are also pillars of the STARTHAUS Open Innovation Cycle.)
c. Me or my team do not want to set up the company in the federal state of Bremen (This is unfair?! It seems so but: We get public funds which are strongly dedicated to build and boost the startups and their eco-system in Bremen)

You agree on the conditions? Great, let’s get started!

Important notice:
We would like you to present your idea or your project – we do not expect masterpitches or completely thought-out business models – that is exactly what we want to adress by the STARTHAUS Open Innovation Cycle! So be brave – do the right step into your future as entrepreneur!
You need support to build your pitch? No worries! Have a look at “How to present my idea”

Please cotct us at any time for your pitch!

How to present my idea?
To present your idea in a structured and convincing way, we ask you to prepare a short pitch of 7 to 10 minutes. If you already have a pitch ready – great, let’s hear it!
If not, we recommend the “YC Seed Deck Template” of the Y Combinator as a wonderful tool for a structured presentation of your idea, the template can be found here. Another source for support from David Beckett can be found here. Just download it for free.
You can also bring a Business Model Canvas and explain your idea: you will find a framework here.

Please hand in your CVs too.

Summary of what do you need for an application:
– Pitch or Business Model Canvas
– CVs

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact information at the end of this email.

What happens after the presentation of my idea?
You will receive a reply from us at the latest one week later whether you have received one of the free slots of the STARTHAUS Open Innovation Cycle. The OIC starts with one individual appointment per team, which we will arrange directly with you. We assume to start with the appointments at the end of March / at the beginning of April. The selection of the projects will be done by us using a scoring model to ensure a fair allocation of the slots and an efficient use of public funds.
If you are not sure whether the program fits to you, please contact us via or 0421 9600 494 to clarify this question directly and concretely.